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Hank’s TIPS to Betting SUCCESS!

July 22, 2021

Most beginners ignore the fact that the Internet is a gold mine of sports betting information.

They tend to overlook NFL team statistics provided by the bookmakers or other sports sites. This mistake can be costly, especially when you bet on Totals.

While you can get lucky and occasionally predict the Over/Under value, guessing is not a long-term winning strategy in sports betting. Instead, we recommend doing your homework on every player and compare the head-to-head team performance to make a more informed betting decision.

Understanding team statistics is ultimately determined by your game expertise. Therefore, the more you know about football, the higher your chances of getting the wagers right.  Our suggestion is to spend time analyzing the data and make a few test wagers to see if your research can bring you positive results.

But beware, it’s not as easy as you think and it takes hours and hours of research! That’s where Hank comes in. He has a VASY NETWORK of sources that work round the clock gathering data and information for the serious sports investor.

2.    Keep a close eye on injury reports

If you’ve been following the NFL for a while, you probably know that if a key player of the favorite team is injured, the underdog suddenly has a higher chance of winning the game.

Always check the injury reports. If you didn’t know, you can access this information for free on the official NFL website. While the data is not 100% accurate all the time, it can bring you some insights that aren’t available elsewhere.

Recommendation: Use the official NFL injury report as a way to determine which players have questionable health. This way, you will understand precisely whether their in-game performance will be lower than usual, which will ultimately help you place better wagers, backed by data.

3.    Timing your bets is crucial

Before the Internet, you could only place wagers during the day at the local sportsbook.

Since the betting venue wasn’t open 24/7, you could miss out on many valuable wagers that you couldn’t make because you didn’t get there on time.

Nowadays, you can literally wager from anywhere using your mobile device. Since the betting lines are constantly changing, depending on the number of punters that are wagering on it, you can consider waiting until the values change in your favor.

Here’s a quick example:

Suppose you’re checking out some point spread odds on a Wednesday for the upcoming Patriots vs 49ers game. You notice that the underdogs (i.e. Patriots) have a six-point spread at home. You can either place your bet on Patriots right away or wait until the weekend comes, and the spread for the 49ers may reach a +7 or +8.

Remember: odds change periodically, so you shouldn’t rush your bets unless you’re 100% that you won’t get a better value by waiting a few days.

4.    Learn how to manage your bankroll efficiently

Any professional bettor knows that having a proper bankroll management strategy in place is crucial for long-term betting success.

In a nutshell, if you want to keep your betting habits under control, you need to keep a separate budget dedicated to gambling. This way, if you run out of money, you have no other choice but to wait until the next betting session.

So, instead of going in with no clear goal in mind, you’ve set a bankroll that restricts you from over betting or falling into the trap of the gambler’s fallacy.

The pros recommend only using money that you can afford to lose or that you would, metaphorically speaking, flush down the drain.

Once you’ve decided the value of your bankroll, you will need to determine a fixed percentage you want to use for each wager (below 5%). This way, you can trick your brain and avoid chasing your losses and betting more just to recover from the damage taken.

5.    Shop for lines to find value bets

Line shopping refers to the action of browsing through all the available betting opportunities and handpicking the ones that offer you the most value.

Just like supermarket prices, online bookmakers have very competitive betting lines that are almost the same. That’s because they’re using similar algorithms, and they’re constantly stealing intel from one another to stay ahead of the competition and keep the market fair for everyone.

However, sportsbooks sometimes intentionally undercut the odds to hijack their competitors’ traffic. This way, their lines are noticeably different from the rest, making it a great value betting opportunity for the punters.

Professional bettors have the habit of shopping for the best lines by comparing several sportsbooks until they find the correct value. You will often hear them say stuff like:

I would bet the point spread at 6.5, but not at 6. So, I will choose this sportsbook instead of the other one.”

So yeah, even 0.5 odds can make a difference in the outcome, meaning that it’s better to invest this extra time researching for the best lines on the market.

Also, the saying “the early bird gets the worm” applies to NFL betting. That’s why most pro bettors are waiting for the exact moment when the odds appear on the platform. By doing so, they have the opportunity to get a “discount” line since the majority have not placed their wagers yet.

Be aware: Although value betting is a valuable strategy, sportsbooks hate it. Most online operators have various algorithms responsible for fixing the odds that weren’t correctly estimated. Still, if you place the wager before they repair their mistake, you’ve got yourself a value bet that cannot be undone.

Bonus tip: Remember to have fun

Let’s face it: You won’t always win your bets.

We know that any bettor wants to make money by placing wagers on their favorite teams.

However, there is no way you can win 100% of the time, and that’s alright. Betting should never be considered an income source unless you’re with a professional like Hank Petrello. If you don’t have credible information then just think of it as a great form of entertainment that allows you to support your favorite team.

So, the essential thing in sports betting is to have fun. And if You really want to make money – join forces with someone like Hank – that has proven the test of time. Professionally betting and advising some of the biggest bettors in the world for over 34 Years!

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