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Hank Petrello is not a one man show, but a team of specialists: scouts, contest winning handicappers and system analysts working every day to find the best edges. We watch game tapes, sift the data, earmark the stickout plays.

We ask the key questions:

  • Who did they beat?
  • What injuries went unannounced?

We compensate for bad bounces, points in garbage time. I’m sure most of you do not have time to follow this kind of information on a daily basis, let alone on a weekly basis. We are also talking about acquiring critical information from key informants.

Get ready for Hank's #1 Money-Making Sport - BASKETBALL.  With Daily Action and so many games to cherry-pick from, no wonder why so many clients come back each year to get Hank's Amazing Information in Basketball.  We are talking about Winning Results that NO-ONE in this business can touch.  You'll get at least 1 Play Nightly but more like 2-4 on a given night and 6-7 Best Bets on a BIG BOARD, like Saturday or Sunday.  AND YES, they ALL are worth playing.  Remember, Hank does not release a play unless he has Rock-Solid Information on it and unless he plays it himself.  Hank WON an Amazing 20 out of 25 Week's Last Year in Basketball and DOMINATED MARCH MADNESS 38-13-1. 
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Football Insider Club
As all clients are reading this now we are setting all kinds of records at Hankwins.com.  The Amazing Football Insider Club Won again this Week.  Now up +710 Net Units this Season in Football.  Remember, Hank;s Unit-Rating system has changed to 25-40* plays in the Insider's Club.  Hank's Football is SIZZLING and there are STILL 3 Months Left to Make some serious Money. 

Hank's Biggest Money-Makers come straight from his Highroller Club.   When you are ready to move up to the next level of Hank's Hi-Roller plays our his Personal Best releases.   Hank releases between 6 and 8 Personal Best plays each week in Football and each one normally sells for $200 online.  If you want to receive your plays via text or email then simply call 1-888-580-5854 or email Hank. Click HERE!

Private Club 58-27-2 (+28 Net)
The same games Hank Petrello personally has placed major wagers on.  We are talking about MONSTER WAGERS of more than $20,000 and up to Six Figures.  Each Week Hank will usually bring 4-7 Monster Private Plays to the table.  Get Hank's Biggest Wagers of the Week on his Exclusive Private Text for Serious Players.  Special "LOAD UP" Games (58-27-2 TY) for Serious Players.  1st Time Callers Call 1-888-580-5854.

Hank's Highlights includes:

9-2-1 Overall in Week 1 +870 Units!

7-1-1 Overall in Week 2 for +1130 Units!

12-7-2 Overall in Week 3 for +180 Units!

17-10-1 Overall in Week 4 for +325 Units!

11-8 Overall in Week 5 for +62 Units!

7-8 Overall in Week 6 for -175 Units!

Private Club Crushes in Week 7
Super Sunday For +2790 Units!

Highroller Club Cash Again in Week 8
For a little over +320 Net Units!

Week 9 Dissapoints with -890 Units!

Highroller Club CashesWeek 10
For a little over +1320 Net Units!

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    Hank’s Football Insider Club has $10/unit bettors UP $7,125 this Season!

    This is Hank's top Executive Personal Service Insider Club for Football for the small to moderate bettor looking for great returns on their investment.  Hankwins.com was Strong Last Season in Football (94-48 Overall for 66.2%).
    Currently 49-29-2.

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    This is Hank's Absolute Top Information Plays on the Weekly Service.  Whether it's 3 Games or 8 Games on a particular Day, Highroller Members get Access to it ALL.  Hankwins.com Highroller Club Members UP +5650 Net Units Since Football Kicked Off in August highlighted by a SUPER SUNDAY of +2400 Net Units in early October!  A $10/unit has made nearly $56,000 Overall in Football Since Aug 10. It's Been HUGE!  Click Here For Specials!
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