About HankWins Who is Hank Petrello? What is HankWins NETWORK?

Did you have a decent football season in 2016? How did you do in last year’s March Madness? Are you looking forward to making great money in the 2017 football season...then in the College Hoops and NBA regular seasons and NBA Playoffs? If not - if your selections aren’t winning you the money you expected, maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe you should get to know about Hank Petrello's Network.

  Over the years, NOBODY - NOBODY Has WON like HankWins Network!

I’m Hank Petrello, Founder and CEO of the most successful sports service in America.
Over the last 32 seasons we’ve made more money for more bettors than any other service!
And we succeed NOT because we’re a one-man band - but because we really ARE a NETWORK - a nationwide TASK FORCE of handicappers and number crunchers who analyze every team or horse and every game or race to develop accurate winning predictions that will put DOLLARS IN YOUR POCKET  - Want to know more? Read on!


Hank Petrello's Football Network - at or near the top for over THREE DECADES!

In it's very first season - 1986 - Hank Petrello's Network released more college winners than any other service in football.
It was a sign of things to come...

  From that day to this, we have made $MILLIONS for our customers.

Hank Petrello's Network is one of the first sports analysis network in history.
We’re the ’cappers, scouts, bloggers, and systems analysts who brought handicapping
from seat-of-the-pants to state-of-the-art: not only in figuring athletic matchups
like who can beat who - but emotional matchups, like who wants it more, who’s pumped for revenge,
who’s looking ahead - and what it’s all worth in POINTS!

  So game after game, we can spot the weakest lines and make the most money!

That’s why we have been successful for 31 years
and why the media and the sports books respect the heck out of us!
Since we opened our doors, HUNDREDS of services have come and gone,
but HankWins Network carries on and on!

  Same 800 number! Same winning habit! Same Consistent Profits year after year...

not just occasional fistfuls with a lucky weekend.
But consistent year-in, year-out profits that a man could build a better life on.


The HankWins Network concept is just as successful for Basketball as it is for Football - and DEMANDS even more DEDICATION since it is played nightly instead of just on the weekend's mainly.  We’re on it  24/7/365.

Our hoop experts, Casino sources & number crunchers love spotting weak lines & then relaying that on to our clientele.  It's the Ultimate satisfaction winning money for our clients.  And it's not about handicapping games with our Network. 

They go to the spring drills and the summer camps. Our guys spot emerging programs and hot new talent MONTHS before the internet or the oddsmakers. We know who controls the paint, who can dish, who can create and dunk, score off the dribble, shoot the trey. Who can suck it up and find another gear. NBA games are even easier. We have a deeper book. We know the matchups better. We know the look aheads and letdowns with our eyes closed. We know when the Wizards will get caught looking ahead to the Spurs or Cavaliers...and the Grizzlies will be seeking REVENGE against the Rockets - We know when TIRED LEGS are going to hit certain older teams - we can even single out the game where they’re taking a breather!!

And don’t forget - hoops go 7 days a week. Do you smell money?


My Baseball Network makes the summer months so much more refreshing to many.  The Baseball #'s we put up are simply outrageous to many.  The Highest Percentages in the business.  And it has nothing to do with handicapping whatsoever.  All the Winning Comes from the most powerful computer program software that simulates each game - each day - over 20,000 times and accurately predicts the outcomes.

Obvisouly we are not interested in games that keep popping up 5-4 or 4-3.  We are interested in the mismatches, (9-1) or (10-5 for totals) -- that us as humans cannot possibly predict without the having all the variables and information that our Computer system does.

HankWins Baseball Network WOn a record breaking 72.5% Last Year for over +20,230 Units!  Maybe you want to get on board ...


Hank's Racing Network IS a network and we’re at all major tracks, from Saratoga and Del Mar in the summer,
to Belmont, and Santa Anita, and Gulfstream in the winter.

Trip handicappers, computer analysts and clockers pool their expertise to get a fix on how the horses really compare. running: speed, best distance, running style, recent form, breeding. Trainers & jockeys and their best events."

We know who’s peaking, who’s post-peak, who’s sitting on a big race. Who’s been specially prepped, who’s eating every day properly.

This is the TEAM approach and our Network is the only organization that employs it.

We must be doing something right.  We are still making money for clients after 31 Years!

Now what about YOU?

Wouldn’t you like to have the best available information on who’s about to win?
Where all the data, the numbers and the most informed opinions are right there backing you up?



For over a generation, thousands of my players have used our winning selections
to grow small side money into SERIOUS SECOND INCOMES!

I know dozens of ways to get you there, no matter what your wagering patterns or budget.

If you’d like to know more about our Winning Packages you can speak to a Consultant by simply calling toll-free 1-888-580-5854 to learn more about Hank's Network.  If you like what you see, sign up today and your service will start immediately.  Packages are available online and once you purchase something we will immediately start your service, whether you would like your Winning Picks send via email or Text message. Plus, you can always call Live to receive your Winning Info!


"HankWins is proof that Money Management and Information can lead to Profitable Results"
Las Vegas Sun Review

"A leader in advanced selections and a formidable prognosticator."
College - Pro Newsweekly

CNN Called Hank - "The Best One Game Handicapper "