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Hank’s Insiders Club

August 23, 2021

Hank Petrello is the founder and president of the most unusual organization in sports...


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Hank’s Insiders Club

August 23, 2021

Hank Petrello is the founder and president of the most unusual organization in sports wagering.

Created as a small handicapping service back in 1987, Hank’s Network has evolved into a nationwide TASK FORCE of, handicappers, scouts, number crunchers, draftniks and former pro players who study and analyze every team and every game to develop BETTER information, make SMARTER picks and win MORE money!


In simple words, Hank’s system approach to handicapping picks more winners and makes more money for their customers. And they are able to do this not because they are a one-man band, but because of the “TEAM” approach that utilizes a huge information gathering system to fine tune every selection.

Hank is not a one man handicapping show or just popping up on the scene like hundreds of other wannabees. Unlike many handicappers or newbies that are trying to get in this business…

Hank’s Network works FULL-TIME! Hundreds of hours per week covering all the college action and pros wall-to-wall! Gathering the MOST CREDIBLE WINNING INFORMATION in ALL of SPORTS WAGERING>>>!!!

They know what’s going on inside the locker rooms and dugouts. They know who’s hot, who’s hurt and who’s ready to kick butt. Their connected to major sportsbooks and betting syndicates that relay information backed to some of the largest line services in the business.

It’s A SUPER Highway of Information!

Most of the sportsbooks uses computer simulation as part of their development into setting lines and odds. Hank’s computer department analyzes upcoming matchups like it was the Dow Jones. They dig beneath surface factors to find out how two teams really compare. Who needs it more? Who’s tapped out? Who’s out for revenge? Hank finds those answers… then compares the final outcomes to the bad line mistakes posted daily!

When they run Hank’s number up against Vegas’, we can immediately spot whether a game is off, and how much, and just cherry-pick the contests that are giving us the most points!

That’s why Hank has racked up consecutive money making seasons for his customers.

Now what about YOU?

Wouldn’t you like to know who the big winners are going to be this week? We can tell you. And we will customize a Winning plan geared towards your bankroll and financial needs. You won’t be just another Number here at Hankwins.com. Hank is personally in touch with his players in a week to week basis.

Want the best shot at the most money? There are dozens of ways to get you there, no matter what your wagering patterns or budget. So, get started NOW!


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