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Archived: New Jersey & Borgata ready to Accept Sports Wagering

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed sports wagering legislation Monday, and Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International is ready to go all in. The company’s Borgata resort in Atlantic City is expected to be among the first in the state to offer sports bets. Murphy is expected to place the state’s first bet Thursday at Monmouth...


Archived: What’s up this year in Baseball

The AL is mostly what we thought it’d be With roughly a third of the Majors in rebuilding mode entering the season, it looked far easier than usual to guess both leagues’ postseason clubs before any team played a single game in 2018. And in the American League, what was widely expected has largely played...


Archived: Top 12 Soccer teams most likely to Win World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is upon us, and while many teams will be dreaming, only a handful have a realistic chance of claiming the crown. They tend to be traditional powerhouses who have been to the later stages recently and expect to do so again. We’ll look at a bit of a wider list —...


Archived: Odds to Win World Series

Odds to Win 2018 World Series (11/15/18) Team Odds Houston Astros 5/1 New York Yankees 11/2 Boston Red Sox 6/1 Washington Nationals 15/2 Chicago Cubs 9/1 Cleveland Indians 10/1 Los Angeles Dodgers 14/1 Milwaukee Brewers 14/1 Seattle Mariners 16/1 Atlanta Braves 18/1 Arizona Diamondbacks 25/1 Philadelphia Phillies 25/1 San Francisco Giants 25/1 Colorado Rockies 28/1...


Archived: Basketball Picks now 31-10 past two weeks

NBA Winning Streak Continues Now 31-10 Basketball Last 41! In the world of sports handicapping and sports betting you must be focused and thorough in your approach and conservative in your money management. Hank’s mental toughness and discipline, especially when things are not going your way, have set him apart. Picking winners is just one...